Review Roundup: Disney Infinity

It's the first serious challenger to Skylanders' domination of family and kid-friendly gaming, but can the might of the Disney brand topple Activision's billion dollar juggernaut? According to reviews for Disney Infinity, the collectible toy-based video game adventure, the answer might be yes.

Game Informer weighs in with a 9/10 review, which highlights the game's creative mode. "Toy Box's building mechanics embrace simplicity, yet are deep enough to allow players to create their own interactive gaming experiences." The review also praises the game's broad cartoon style, declaring the graphics to be "top-notch".

IGN is also overwhelmingly positive, offering 8.7/10 for an "enchanting" experience, that will help introduce little kids to the world of gaming. "It's an excellent primer for kids embarking on a life playing games," says the review. "It'll teach them everything they need to know about barrel-rolling in a third-person shooter, power-sliding around corners, or judging line of sight in stealth games, and so much more too."

Polygon's 8/10 review says that Infinity is "a wonderful game that mashes together the best of collectables, cherished childhood memories of playing with toys and Minecraft-esque creation into a beautiful package." Their reviewer was worried about the random unlocks tied to buying more figures, but admits that his son found those elements to be an "exciting and rewarding game of chance."

So good news for parents then - the game's a cracker. But also fair warning: your wallet may take a battering between now and Christmas!

Published: 19/08/2013

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