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Editor's Choice

Exclusive games for 3DS from the Nintendo eShop at GAME

For those of us addicted to pint-sized gaming for monkey nuts on our mobile devices, Nintendo's eShop is perfect, offering up gaming magic for your 3DS at a fraction of the usual cost.

With a host of titles to choose from though, where should you start? Well, anything with Zelda or Super Mario in the title is a no-brainer - bona fide epoch-defining games that remain ever-green classics. But what about the rest? Here's a pick of our current favourites...

Pullblox from the Nintendo eShop at GAME


The concept may be simple - pull (and push) blocks to create steps so you can reach a flag at the top of the screen - but this is from those devilishly intelligent chaps at, well, Intelligent Systems who came up with the brilliant Advance Wars series. Oh, and Paper Mario. Exploiting the handheld's 3D perfectly, the puzzles feel as if they're coming out of the screen at you, creating what we reckon is the best "block 'em up" since Tetris.

Pokedex 3D pro from the Nintendo eShop at GAME

Pokédex 3D Pro

Okay, so you may have all the Pokémon titles - but what you've been hankering after is an encyclopedia in the palm of your hand dedicated to nearly all 649 of the critters. Enter then Pokédex 3D Pro featuring a stack of stats, details from egg groups to evolutions plus quizzes and augmented reality options. Diehard fans will find themselves inadvertently salivating at such in-depth coverage of their favourite Pokémon, all while marveling at the 3D models of each. An essential purchase.

HarmoKnight from the Nintendo eShop at GAME


From the company that addicted the world to Pokémon, HarmoKnight is a rhythm-based 2D platformer (with 3D spangly bits) that sees you controlling Tempo, a young lad with dreams of becoming a HarmoKnight. Your quest? To quash the evil Noizoids by jumping over obstacles and slaying enemies in time to the music. With alternate characters to play with, bop through 50 stages and a host of boss battles in this perfect bite-sized slice of beat-fuelled gaming.

Mario and Donkey Kong Minis on the Move from the Nintendo eShop at GAME

Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move

Take your 'mini' characters starting with the world's favourite plumber and create a path for them across the screen, using special tiles. As you progress through the game's 170 levels, expect short but sweet bursts of puzzling, plenty of surprises and, inevitably, a deep, lasting feeling of satisfaction that your money was well spent.

Published: 15/08/2013

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