Call of Duty: Origins revealed... sort of

Activision has teased fans of its humble indie hit, Call of Duty, with a trailer for something called Origins. Whatever it is, it was announced with a video called "Official Call of Duty: Black Ops II Trailer - Origins"

The clip promises us that "every story has a beginning... and an end" and shows a quartet of serious looking blokes, with lots of close-ups of their old-fashioned gear and some curious gadgets and weaponry. Intercut with this are scenes of what look like derelict buildings, what could be a castle interior, and a creepy abandoned barn. There's a full moon and a distinctive horror movie vibe.

Then, right at the end, there's a sudden flurry of action and we're given a fleeting glimpse of a giant mech robot as it stomps on the player.

That's all the info the trailer contains, and Activision hasn't offered any further explanation. The title suggests it's set in the past - is the series returning to World War 2? - while the quartet of characters would seem to hint at co-op play, and the horror overtones mean it could possibly be some new spin on Zombies mode.

What is for definite is that it's connected to Black Ops II rather than the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts, which would make this the first time content for a previous COD title overlapped with its successor. Expect Activision to reveal more soon.

Published: 08/08/2013

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