Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer detailed

One of the big obstacles with games based around an iconic character is that it can be difficult to translate the action to a multiplayer mode. That's certainly the case with Batman, but while Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were both single player only affairs, with online play handed over to multiplayer specialist developer Splash Damage, it seems Arkham Origins may have found a way to make Batman work online.

The multiplayer mode will take its cue from the Invisible Predator challenge rooms in previous Bat-games, but with a twist. "With one hero and one faction, one of the things you quickly notice, though, is that this is okay for Batman, who's got a target-rich environment," Splash Damage creative director Alastair Cornish told Eurogamer this week. "The flipside is that, if Batman doesn't want to come down and play with you, or if he's picking on one guy over and over, there's pretty much nothing else to do. We wanted to make sure there's always something to worry about."

What this means for Origins is that multiplayer will be a three-way battle. One team of three will play as The Joker's gang, another as Bane's goons. Both these teams will be at war with each other, trying to hold key control points on the map, but there'll be a complicating factor in the shape of two more players, as Batman and Robin, who will be trying to take out everyone else using their arsenal of gadgets. For the superheroes, the aim is to raise their intimidation rating so high that the bad guys are scared off.

To compensate for the lack of cool capes and gadgets, you'll be able to fully customise your gang member characters and, most excitingly, at random intervals players on the gang teams will get the chance to play as Joker or Bane.

"No-one had any interest in this being a bolt-on me-too deathmatch mode," says Cornish. "It had to be unique, distinctly Arkham, authentic, and it had to feel like an evolution of the series. As soon as we thought about taking the Invisible Predator online, that suddenly felt so organic, and so right."

Batman: Arkham Origins will be released on October 25th for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U. The multiplayer mode will only be available in the PlayStation, Xbox and PC editions of the game.

Published: 01/08/2013

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