Pikmin 3 started life as a 3DS game

Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that Wii U title Pikmin 3, which crashed into the charts at number 2 this week, was originally going to be a DS and 3DS game.

"The truth is we were doing prototype tests of Pikmin for the DS and 3DS," Miyamoto told 4Games, "but it turned into unit management with only the touch pen and no matter what it just didn't seem like Pikmin."

"We concluded that Pikmin is a game that revolves around action based on its controls and the strategy sits on top that. Although there are elements that are built on the strategy, there are other overall things that have to be well considered. This complete experience is an important element of Pikmin."

In other words, playing it with a stylus wasn't fun, and so the game had to wait until the Wii U came along with its lovely second screen GamePad. Only then did Pikmin's peculiar charms fall back into place.

"Even if you find using the pointer difficult," Miyamoto explained, "there is a control method using the GamePad similar to the previous GameCube titles that we'd like people to utilize. To that end, we hope people are able to look at this as a carefree, easy action game."

Critics were certainly won over, with the game earning a slew of 9/10 scores, and its high placement in the charts - debuting just behind the retail Xbox 360 version of Minecraft and ahead of blockbusters like The Last of Us - suggests that Pikmin's moment of glory may well have arrived.

Pikmin 3 is out now for Wii U.

Published: 29/07/2013

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