Battlefield 4 lets you use any browser as a second screen

The cool new features for Battlefield 4 just keep on coming. In a new trailer, DICE has now revealed how its Battlelog service has evolved to match the requirements of today's gamers.

Key among this is the ability to separate the Battlelog experience out from the main game and run it through any internet browser. This means you'll be able to access it on your phone or tablet, or if you're a swanky pants PC player with two monitors, you'll be able to play on one screen while using the other to run your Battlelog, just like a real high tech cool soldier dude. Oorah!

Why is this important? Well, Battlelog not only tracks your gameplay stats. It now meshes with the gameplay at a very deep level, allowing you to edit and update your different weapon loadouts, as well as marking targets on the map. Yes, the map. A live map of your Battlefield multiplayer game is beamed via internet magic to your Battlelog screen, so you can see exactly what's going on.

This will come in especially handy for those playing in the returning Commander Mode, which transforms the traditional blistering Battlefield FPS action into a top-down strategy game with real live players. Commander Mode was last seen in Battlefield 2, way back in 2005.

Battlefield 4 is out on November 1st for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will get their versions soon after.

Published: 26/07/2013

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