Destiny will have more enemy diversity than Halo

Bungie has responded to fan comments that the alien enemies of its upcoming online shooter Destiny are too similar to the enemy types in Halo. Not so, says the super-developer. There are multiple factions at play in Destiny's world, with not only the player-controlled Guardians but also the Fallen and Cabal alien races, each of which has as many character types of Halo's Covenant forces.

"The Guardians won't be the only fighting force in Destiny teeming with unique warriors," reads a post of Bungie's official blog, in response to a reader enquiry about the different classes. "Take the Fallen, for example. When people saw them at E3, they were all too quick to compare them to the Elites you fought in Halo. In truth, the Fallen are as varied and diverse as the Covenant as a whole."

"Check out the demo again, and see how many varieties you can spot," the post continues. "Some of the smaller targets, like the Shanks and Dregs, will draw your fire. The larger crews, the ones that include Vandals or Captains, will have you wishing you brought that Fireteam. And let's not forget about those moments when we'll drop something as big as a Devil Walker in your path. The Cabal, along with the Vex and the Hive, are equally rich in their varieties."

"There are a lot of bad guys in Destiny," concludes Bungie. "We need heroes to push them back whence they came. Apply within."

Get your applications ready for 2014, when the game will be released for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Published: 16/07/2013

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