New 'authentic' Brothers in Arms game on the way

Brothers in Arms, the excellent World War 2 shooter that emphasised teamwork and camaraderie, will continue according to Randy Pitchford of developer Gearbox.

"There will be an authentic Brothers in Arms game," Pitchford said in an IGN interview. "We haven't announced that yet, but I'm really excited about where that's going too. We'll announce these things in due course. There's a lot of neat things we have going on...We love Brothers in Arms and we're committed to more time in that space."

A new game in the series had been in development with the subtitle Furious 4. This over the top shooter featured four crazy characters on a mission to take down Hitler himself, and was best described as Borderlands meets Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. That game is still in development, but will no longer be part of the more sombre Brothers in Arms brand.

"Most people will not recognize it as ever having anything to do with Brothers in Arms," explains Pitchford. "If you've seen the Furious 4 demo or you go back and watch that stuff, you'll notice the DNA. You can feel the DNA, because it's an iterative, continuous development process, but it's a process that decided to unhinge itself from Brothers in Arms and go where it needed to go. Furious 4 is evolving into something else."

With so many shooters now following Call of Duty into the modern era, are we about to see a revival of the classic wartime FPS?

Published: 12/02/2013

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