Editor's Choice - Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Revolution

Editor's Choice

Call of Duty Black Ops II Revolution for Xbox LIVE at GAME

Away from its controversy-bating cutscenes and the kind of setpieces that give Michael Bay an inferiority complex, the Call of Duty series has always been about one thing - its multiplayer - so here unsurprisingly is the first batch of Black Ops II DLC, Revolution, featuring all-new maps, weaponry and a zombie invasion for your Xbox 360.

You'll know the Call of Duty multiplayer routine by now - hour upon hour of fragging and the giving (and taking) of knee/crotch/chest/headshots until three in the morning, leaving you feeling like a one-man war machine, taking down all comers - or your soldier's head on the receiving end of so much lead that you could open a stationery firm.

A new set of maps, options and weaponry then is a big deal, meaning a fresh wave of murder, death, kill to indulge in, and Revolution is no different. For your blood money, it packs in four traditional multiplayer maps, a new gun to call home - the lethal-even-at-long-range Peacekeeper SMG - and the all-important zombie mode that features a new map and game mode.

First up, those four maps - the Mirage map gets all gun crazy in a Dubai hotel as you embark on a shopping, sorry, killing spree. Hydro is set in a dam and features a large symmetrical map that's easy to learn, fun to play and best of all, regularly floods. Meanwhile, things go Downhill at a French Alps ski resort as you turn freshly powdered snow blood-red while trying to avoid being decapitated by cable cars. Finally, Grind sees you shooting your way through a skate park, though sadly it lacks the option of shooting any baggy-trouser, beanie hat-wearing tools through the ankle bone.

Call of Duty Black Ops II Revolution for Xbox LIVE at GAME

And then you have Die Rise, set in two Shanghai towers that are in urgent need of an immediate health and safety inspection; not just because of the falling masonry but also due to a zombie infestation problem. Most importantly though is the new game mode 'Turned' where you - yes, you - are a zombie in a pack of three who must hunt down and chew on the grey matter of a single human player.

If you're looking for something truly revolutionary, much like the game series itself, you won't find it here. But for those of us FPS veterans who have a trigger finger that now resembles a claw, then Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Revolution is everything you'll need for your next bout of online death-dealing. But now with added brain-munching.

Published: 07/02/2013

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