Special God of War: Ascension console bundle announced

If you've been eyeing SONY's upcoming mythical brawler God of War: Ascension but haven't got a PlayStation 3 to play it on, a handy all-in-one solution just presented itself. From March 15th you'll be able to pick up a special bundle containing both the special edition of the game and a new super slim PS3 to play it on.

The bundle includes a 500Gb Super Slim PlayStation 3 in "classic white" - all the better to show off those blood stains - and a limited edition golden God of War DualShock controller. The special edition of the game comes in a steelbook case and offers a copy of the game's soundtrack, a PS3 dynamic themes, avatar and a code that will grant you double XP in the game's new multiplayer mode for a limited time.

Ascension is a prequel to the earlier God of War titles and joins Kratos shortly after he was tricked into murdering his family by the god Ares. The game details his struggle to break free of this cruel deity by finding and defeating the three Furies. As Daniel Day Lewis would say, there will be blood.

Both game and bundle will be available from March 15th.

Published: 06/02/2013

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