Dead Space 3 has a hardcore mode with permanent death

It's not even out until next week, but already we're hearing about some of the bonus extras you'll unlock when you complete Dead Space 3. Top of the list is a suite of optional game modes, including one that's strictly for the hardcore. Producer Steve Papoutsis revealed the extra features this week on the official Dead Space blog.

Most interesting for fans is the Hardcore Mode, which features ruthless permanent death. That's right - you'll need to play through the entire game without dying once. That's even tougher than the similar mode in Dead Space 2, which at least let you save the game three times.

There will also be a Classic Mode, which ditches the item crafting and advanced aiming options of Dead Space 3 in favour of collectable blueprints from the 2008 original. Pure Survival Mode will remove all ammo, health and weapons from the game, forcing you to craft everything you need at the game's workbenches. Finally, there's the familiar New Game + mode which represents a much more welcoming alternative to all this punishing difficulty, starting you over again with all your stats and weapons from your first playthrough.

Papoutsis also hinted that there'll be additional story material, presumably to be released as DLC. "We're not saying much, yet," read his post, "but think 'disturbing' to get your imaginations going."

Dead Space 3 is out on February 8th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Published: 30/01/2013

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