How to unlock the Mass Effect N7 armour in Dead Space 3

The third instalment of EA's skin-crawling Dead Space saga will be with us soon, and the publisher has let slip a little bit of info regarding a fun freebie you'll be able to unlock in the game. It's a special Mass Effect themed N7 armour suit for Dead Space hero Isaac Clarke and co-op partner John Carver.

How do you get it? Simple - you just need to have a Mass Effect 3 save file on your console, and Dead Space 3 will automagically detect your allegiance to EA's other big sci-fi franchise and reward you with the armour. For Isaac, the armour is an ominous black, while Carver's version is blood red. Both are simply divine and the must-have outfit this season for exploring icy planets inhabited by alien monsters made of dead flesh.

On the subject of dead flesh, producer Yara Khoury has spoken to Official Xbox Magazine and explained how switching gloomy spaceship interiors for snow-blasted exteriors has helped to keep Dead Space 3 scary. "I think at this point we've mastered the art of doing closet scares, you know, necromorphs jumping out of vents," Khoury told the mag. "I think that's why it will be interesting to go to Tau Volantis - to see how we've been able to use the blizzard with its sensory tricks. You can't really see what's ahead of you, there's the snow that can, you know, hide some things. There's also all the noise - the blizzard is actually really loud, and we've really played with these things to trick the player and create new kinds of horror.

"The ice planet that worried players at first because it's an external environment, actually turns out to be one of our allies in terms of creating new ways to scare our players."

Dead Space 3 slithers into view in just a few weeks on February 8th, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Published: 22/01/2013

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