Crysis 3 will 'roll back' to include the best elements says developer

It's just over a month until Crysis 3 arrives, and producer Mike Read from developer Crytek has been hitting the interview trail to talk up the sequel - and where the series will go next. Speaking with AusGamers, he teased that the team sees Crysis 3 as a way to bring back the best gameplay elements from the first two games in the ultimate stealth shooter.

"Coming back in Crysis 3, there's a lot of different elements that we have from Crysis 1, and Crysis 2 that we sort of rolled back on," Read said. "And it's that rollback, mixed with the hunter theme, the jungle themes, and the introduction of the bow, sort of just fit in with all of these different things that we had to offer on that front," Read explains what the team really wanted to bring to the third game."

"So that's really where we're at with it," he added. "We wanted to come and find a middle ground between the two, but not focus on one thing, as solely graphics, or solely gameplay quality, or cinematics. All of these things have been brought up to an equal level to create a great overall game experience."

He also hinted, as other Crytek folk have recently, that the Crysis series may take a left turn in its next iteration. Referring to Crysis 3 as closing off the current "story bubble", Read talked up the potential of the Crysis universe for future outings. "We could go in so many different ways in this franchise at this point," he explained, "And weave in alternate storylines from different tech, to different realities and things like that. So moving past Crysis 3, we have a lot of opportunities moving forward outside of this."

Crysis 3 is out on February 22nd for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Published: 14/01/2013

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