343 Studios already promising to make Halo 5 even better

Halo 4 only came out just before Christmas, to the delight of fans and critics everywhere, but Frank O'Connor, the Microsoft man in charge of the franchise, is already talking up the next game in the series - and promising that it will be even better.

"Halo 4 is the best and fastest-selling Halo game in the series," he posted on Halo Waypoint. "It won critical acclaim. It won awards, from Best Graphics at the VGAs to Game of the Year at the Inside Gaming Awards. We altered the engine. We expanded the universe. We innovated in storytelling, technology, and even marketing. It wasn't flawless by any stretch of the imagination, but by most objective criteria, it was a resounding success. So we know we have a lot to do. And we know we have a lot to learn. But we also know that we now have the capacity, the teamwork, the technology and the experience to do much better next time."

In talking about 343 Studios, the developer which inherited Master Chief from his creators at Bungie, O'Connor even let slip the strongest hint yet that Halo will be appearing on the next Xbox, describing the Halo development team as "a collection of talent and souls that can do something genuinely amazing on this and next-generation hardware".

Halo 4 is out now for Xbox 360.

Published: 10/01/2013

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