Diablo III may still come to consoles, Blizzard says

Smash hit role-playing game Diablo III is still being planned for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 despite not being officially announced, developer Blizzard has confirmed.

Talking to Polygon, chief creative officer Rob Pardo revealed that the acclaimed studio even has a version of the game working for consoles, but they won't pull the trigger on the conversion until they're convinced it will be as good as possible.

"We're still kind of exploring it," Pardo said. "We've got builds up and running on it. We're hoping to get it far enough along where we can make it an official project, but we're not quite ready to release stuff about it, but it's looking pretty cool."

Lead designer Jay Wilson also confirmed that the developer is "exploring console options" but also has plans to "expand and add onto the game" for PC owners. "The whole team is essentially working on the next big Diablo thing," said Wilson. "A lot of that stuff will show up next year at some point." In November, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime confirmed that a PC expansion was in the pipeline.

Blizzard has never been a studio to rush a project - Diablo III was in development in some form for eleven years - but the result is always worth the wait. Diablo III is out now for PC and Mac.

Published: 11/12/2012

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