Crysis 3 takes aim at February release date

Futuristic shooter sequel Crysis 3 will hit UK shelves on February 22nd, publisher EA has announced. The game sees the return of series hero Prophet and his super-powered nanosuit. The setting is New York, which has been transformed into a teaming urban rainforest after being sealed inside a biodome by the clearly evil Cell Corporation.

Leading up to the launch, EA will release a narrative video series called The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3, introducing the location, characters and weapons. The title refers to the seven zones that the enclosed New York has been divided into. The short CGI films will be directed by Hollywood director Albert Hughes, using the same graphics engine as the game. Hughes is best known for the films Menace II Society, From Hell and Book of Eli.

In the game, players will wield Prophet's stealthy suit powers, a powerful bow and various alien weapons in his quest for revenge against the corrupt Cell Corporation. Everyone who pre-orders the game will receive the special Hunter Edition, containing bonus multiplayer weapon attachments, suit upgrades and bonus XP.

Crysis 3 is developed by series creator Crytek, and is out for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on February 21st.

Published: 07/12/2012

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