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Only the best will discover the twist in ZombiU, claims Ubisoft

ZombiU is already shaping up to be completely unlike any other launch game for a Nintendo console. Unlike the cheery family fun of Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U, Ubisoft's first-person horror adventure is all about survival in the midst of a zombie-infested London.

The game's already been compared to the none-more-hardcore Dark Souls in terms of challenge, as dying in the game means players have to retrace their steps and retrieve their inventory from their own dead body. This being a zombie game, your old body may not give it up without a fight.

Now, Ubisoft has revealed that not only will the game come with a "thriller" storyline, but that there's a plot twist lying in wait. Only the most dedicated and successful players will find out the nature of the twist before the end of the game.

"There is a twist," story director Gabrielle Shrager told Official Nintendo Magazine. "ZombiU is a thriller, but only the most persistent and best-prepared survivors will discover what the twist is before the reveal. I'm sure the first survivors won't resist the urge to spill the beans, but I hope others won't spoil it for themselves."

Any guesses?

ZombiU launches alongside the Wii U on November 30th.

Published: 07/11/2012

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