SimCity reboot will be multiplayer 'from the ground up'

The next SimCity game, which follows Tomb Raider's lead by simply rebooting itself with no sequel numbering, will require constant internet access, developer Maxis has confirmed. This is because the game was designed from the start to allow player's cities to exist alongside each other.

"We really thought about this SimCity as multiplayer from the ground up," producer Kip Katsarelis explained in an online Q&A session with fans. "Cities are no longer in a bubble. You can play in a region with other cities, and there's a lot simulation that's going on between cities. You can play multiple cities or invite friends into your region and play with others. Things like power and water are shared across cities and you can purchase that power. You can share services like fire, education and garbage. You can also gift to one another, so money and resources you can create in your city, and you can also collaborate on great works."

You'll also be able to build international airports, and collaborate with other players to create popular destinations for both trade and tourism. This is all made possible by SimCity World, a community network that will keep you updated on the progress made by friends in their cities. There'll be challenges as well, such as working together to create more jobs, or competing to reach milestones first.

The all-new SimCity will be released for PC in February 2013.

Published: 11/10/2012

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