New Halo 4 trailer produced by Fight Club director David Fincher

Microsoft clearly isn't pinching the pennies when it comes to promoting the return of Master Chief in Halo 4 next month. It's hired critically acclaimed Hollywood director David Fincher, best known for Fight Club and most recently Oscar-nominated for the Facebook flick The Social Network, to produce a live action and CGI hybrid trailer for the game.

Fincher will oversee the production, handing directorial duties over to Tim Miller, a special effects man with experience on the X-Men series amongst others. The pair have prior form together, as Miller created the remarkable opening credits for Fincher's remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo last year.

The trailer goes by the title Scanned, and was filmed in Prague. It sheds light on Master Chief's history and reveals more about the Forerunners, the ancient aliens whose technology drives the Halo franchise. The two-minute film is set to debut on US television on October 18th during Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

"Halo is one of the most iconic sci-fi universes, with a depth that allows for amazingly cinematic and emotionally riveting stories," Miller has said. "The chance to tell a story that explores never-before-seen facets of Master Chief's journey is an honour. Our goal is to deliver a blockbuster, Hollywood-quality trailer that raises the bar for the award-winning legacy of live-action 'Halo' storytelling and gets fans stoked for the return of Master Chief."

Halo 4 is released worldwide on November 6th, exclusively for Xbox 360.

Published: 11/10/2012

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