Ubisoft's ZombiU is slow, hard and definitely not Call of Duty wit ...

Ubisoft would like you to know that its Wii U launch title, the London-based horror game ZombiU, is not an action game, and if you play it like one then you will die. Horribly.

"The market is going towards more action games," creative director Jean-Phillipe Caro told Official Nintendo Magazine. "Call Of Duty is driving the market and everyone is going to Call Of Duty's market. When we had to work with Nintendo we had two screens to make a new experience."

He goes on to explain how Ubisoft's developers struggled to find a way to use the second screen on the Wii U's GamePad as part of a fast-paced shooter as it was too distracting to keep looking at two screens. Eventually, they realised they needed to slow the game down, and put the pad's touchscreen to a more tactical use. Thus, the idea of a brutal hardcore horror game was born, but one where planning and patience were more beneficial than a quick trigger finger.

"That's when we had the idea to make the GamePad our survival kit," Caro explains. "If you play like in Call Of Duty, you will die. You will have to learn how to use the GamePad as your survival kit. If you listen carefully to your GamePad, you will succeed because the game is hard."

ZombiU is a launch title for the Wii U, and goes on sale on November 30th. There'll be a special ZombiU console-and-game bundle for those who can't wait to sink their teeth into it.

Published: 20/09/2012

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