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Don disguises in LEGO City Undercover for Wii U at GAME

Undercover Cop

Coming to Wii U, the most ambitious entry yet in the multi-million selling LEGO game series sees players taking on the role of Chase McCain, an undercover detective on a mission to apprehend the evil Rex Fury and end his crime wave in LEGO City.

Featuring an open-world design that owes a lot to Grand Theft Auto and fully voiced characters that help bring LEGO City Undercover to life, the game arms players with plenty of ways of getting around, a variety of disguises, and a number of close quarters moves with which to apprehend plastic villains.

Chase is a highly mobile hero who's able to parkour his way around the city to catch up with targets. It might not match Assassin's Creed's free running, but he can pull off numerous wall runs and swings which look great in motion. There will also be over 100 vehicles for players to use to explore the city looking for clues to bring bad guys to justice, from sports cars to motorbikes and even aircraft.

Chase will have access to multiple disguises, including firefighter and construction worker outfits, to aid him in his war on mini-figures in stripy shirts. Each of these will give players extra abilities, the most exciting of which we've seen is a thief disguise enabling him to break and enter to reach new areas.

Open world crime caper LEGO City Undercover for Wii U at GAME

Family-Friendly Crime Caper

The game is billed as a cute police drama suitable for young players and as yet we've seen no evidence of any gunplay, although chase does use a number of close quarters moves to take down targets. The action feels fluid and satisfying as he chases down perps, tackles them and in a single motion whacks on a pair of handcuffs, which results in the lawbreaker bursting into a shower of LEGO studs.

LEGO City Undercover utilises the Wii U's Game Pad controller as a new interactive police gadget. Seamlessly woven into the gameplay experience, it acts as a real-time GPS map, so players can literally hold up the tablet to scan the city for clues and criminals. It also serves as a direct link to police dispatch, allowing players to receive mission updates and other important information.

Unlike previous LEGO games, this open-world crime caper isn't based on popular licenses like Batman, Star Wars or Indiana Jones, tie-ins which offered instant context to their charming humour and gameplay. This could be viewed as a hurdle to overcome, but it certainly allows developer TT Fusion more creative freedom, and early viewings of the game have left us really excited about the prospect of an original adventure in LEGO City.

Published: 17/09/2012

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