Wii U - Hands On At the GAME Conference with Nintendo Land


At this week's GAME Conference, the publishers were out to show off the big titles coming in the run up to Christmas and into 2013. One of the real highlights of the show was our first chance to get truly hands on with Nintendo's new Wii U. There were plenty of games to show it off, and we managed to get stuck in to the title being bundled with the Premium Wii U console, Nintendo Land.

We tried out a couple of very fun games from this mini-game marathon, Luigi's Ghost Mansion and The Legend Of Zelda: Battle Quest, ideal games to test out the new Game Pad controller and Nintendo's first steps into HD gameplay. It's safe to say, we were not disappointed!


Luigi's Ghost Mansion

Luigi's Ghost Mansion is a five player game, with one person using the GamePad to control a ghost, while Luigi and friends are controlled using Wii Remotes. Playing as Luigi and friends on the screen, players have to manoeuvre about a darkened room trying to find the ghost and capture him in the light of their torches. The ghost is seen on the Game Pad, which is used to move around to capture the other players.

Luigi and friends have to capture the ghost before the time runs out - or before they run out by being captured themselves. What follows is a fun mixture of Pac Man and hide and seek. Players on the TV screen can see the ghost for brief moments, when the lights flash on or the torch falls on his path, and so quick reactions to capture-or-be-captured are a must!

Luigi's Ghost Mansion makes great use of both the Game Pad and the asymmetrical gameplay that it offers, and was a truly fun multiplayer experience. This is the kind of game you can play with friends and family again and again.


The Legend Of Zelda Battle Quest

Zelda's mini-game is a mini-adventure for three players. Dressing your Mii as Link, complete with sword (or arrow), the characters battle their way through Zelda inspired environments, working as a team to advance through the levels.

Choose to play with the Wii remote, your Mii wields the sword to fend off oncoming enemies. Working together onscreen, the players chop and slice their way through the level to make the advance. Playing on to the Game Pad, your Mii now is a 'back-up' for the swordsmen, taking out as many enemies as possible with bow and arrow. Using the gyroscopic control, you move the pad around to aim, and the right analogue stick fires the arrow. Good aim is crucial as the archer is required to shoot at small shapes from afar, not just to tackle enemies, but to unlock the doors onto the next level. No pressure, then!

This game makes great use of the Game Pad's unique features and brings a modern, quirky gameplay style to a 'legend'-ary gaming series!

From these two tasters, it's clear that Nintendo Land offers a great multiplayer Wii U experience. Cleverly integrating the Game Pad into gameplay in countless ways, it's a great introduction to what the Wii U can offer and will definitely be a top family game for Christmas.

Published: 14/09/2012

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