Call of Duty: Black ops II - Hands On at the GAME


At this week's GAME Conference, the publishers were out to show off the big titles coming in the run up to Christmas and into 2013. One of the most anticipated games of the show was Call of Duty: Black Ops II, a sequel that promises some interesting changes to the traditional series gameplay.

We've got plenty of seasoned Call of Duty veterans in the GAME team, and here's what one of the most hardcore thought of his hands-on with Call of Duty: Black Ops II...

"As the resident Call of Duty player, I was a little sceptical. I was, of course, hoping for another great game in the series, but always had in the back of my mind that it would be hard to improve on or surpass the previous two games in the series.


As I approached the controller, we were told we had two minutes before we started the match, so why not play around with the new 10 Point Create-a-Class. Right here is where I knew I would not be disappointed. The "Pick 10" system meant that I could mix up any 10 elements to make up my class. I choose the Scar-H, put on a thermal sight and gave myself extended mags. I didn't want a secondary gun, so opted to get extra perks instead, and before I knew it we were starting in Yemen. I actually could have spent a lot longer playing with this 10 Point Perks screen as the options give you so much more to cater to the type of player you are, and so much more freedom to build your ultimate Class set-up. But I only had two minutes and my time was up.

Now was the moment of truth and... it was everything I wanted! The graphics look slicker and cleaner than ever. The line of sight and depth of the battlefield was fantastic and it played exactly as I wanted it to; within seconds, I felt right at home. The new weapons and gizmos (that I will not spoil for you, as you need to grin as much as I did!) gave everything I could have wished for.


Plus, there was an extra layer that has not been present in previous games - I was playing in Team Three! That's right - there were three teams on the screen at once, but what that effectively meant was that it was four players against eight, as the opposing teams were all identified as red enemies. And it was Great! I loved the game, the sound, the perks, and the 2025 spin on all of it. Brilliant! From one Call of Duty player to another, you will not be disappointed."

So, there we have it. Solid, slick and more customisable than ever with its new Pick 10 system, Call of Duty: Black Ops II fits like a comfortable glove. It's the running and gunning we all know and love but turned up to 11 and polished and buffed to the shiniest shine possible. The future is black indeed.

Published: 14/09/2012

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