Editor's Choice - Army Corps of Hell

Editor's Choice

Army Corps of Hell - handheld horror on the PlayStation Vita

Attention PlayStation Vita owners! Consider putting the lush, sun-kissed jungles of Uncharted: Golden Abyss down for a week; instead plunge headfirst into Hades in Army Corps Of Hell!

What is your idea of hell though? Being forced to watch an entire series of some reality show back-to-back? Or, worse still, being stuck on public transport without having your shiny, new PS Vita clasped in between your sweaty palms? Perish the thought. In the case of Army Corps, it's actually becoming the former King of Hades; you play the fallen (even further) ex-lord of hell, erm, hellbent on reclaiming his right to rule over the underworld.

The underworld is your oyster with Army Corps of Hell on PS Vita

This means classic Pikmin-style gameplay spliced with the goblins riffed from the hilarious Overlord series. Set on a series of islands, you fight treacherous hordes of evil by unleashing your armies of goblins on them - use solider goblins to pile in en-masse, spearmen to launch distance attacks and magi, who can spew all manner of foe-melting projectiles from their deformed fingertips.

Once carved up, loot the corpses and upgrade your goblins' powers with an RPG-lite spot of alchemy. Once in a while, expect to face off some devilishly imaginative boss types where the strategic element of the game comes to the fore, as you fight to figure out how to remove, say, the intestines of giant worms using the most violent means possible.

Death Metal soundtrack? Yes Please! Army Corps of Hell on PS Vita

Accompanying this murderous spree is a death metal soundtrack that shows what stern stuff the PS Vita's speakers are made of. Played at raise-the-dead volumes, the screeching and screaming of guitars provides a perfect backing track to the onscreen slaughter; the latter which can be enjoyed with up to three other players via ad-hoc multiplayer.

If you're looking for a polite introduction to the delights of PlayStation Vita gaming, then you should look elsewhere. But if you're after a fast-paced, death-dealing, face-caving demon-fest with an ear-drum popping soundtrack, then Army Corps Of Hell carves up the competition.

Published: 21/02/2012

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