Wii Balance Board claims Guinness World Record

Wii Balance Board claims Guinness World Record

Nintendo's Wii Balance Board has claimed a place in the Guinness World Record book as the bestselling personal weighing device of all time.

The popular peripheral shifted just over 32 million units between April 2008, when it was introduced alongside the revolutionary exercise game Wii Fit, and November 2010.

Since then, gamers have snapped up millions more copies of Wii Fit and its follow-up Wii Fit Plus, bringing lifetime sales of the series to more than 40 million.

The Wii Balance Board has been central to the appeal of the games, allowing the Wii to measure players' weight and track subtle shifts in their balance and body motions to enable a range of calorie-burning gameplay experiences.

Many other games have gone on to use the Balance Board as an accessory, including similar titles like EA Sports Active, as well as non-fitness games such as Punch-Out!! and Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party.

Nintendo's Laurent Fischer said: "The launch of Wii Fit with the Wii Balance Board revolutionised the way people got active at home, making it fun and easy to exercise in the comfort of their own living room."

Published: 11/01/2012

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