LA Noire to launch in May 2011

Publisher Rockstar has revealed that its hotly-anticipated new detective game LA Noire is to make its global debut on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in May 2011.

The long-awaited new project from Team Bondi is an ambitious adventure taking place in the Los Angeles of the late 1940s, placing players in the role of rookie police detective Cole Phelps, portrayed by Mad Men actor Aaron Staton.

As Phelps seeks to solve a series of gruesome murders, gamers will have to tackle challenges that test both their brains and reflexes, with shoot-outs and car chases going hand-in-hand with clue-finding and deduction.

A central component of the experience will be its interrogation scenes, in which players must scrutinise the facial expressions and body language of suspects to determine if they are being honest.

This feature has been made possible via sophisticated performance-capture technology that allows subtle expressions to be conveyed with absolute fidelity.

Sam Houser, founder of Rockstar Games, said: "LA Noire breaks new ground for us. Its intense blend of action and real detective work defies genre conventions to create a unique and captivating thriller."

Published: 25/01/2011

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