Pet Zombies in 3D coming to 3DS

Nintendo's forthcoming 3DS is to get its own unique take on the virtual pet genre later this year with the launch of a new game called Pet Zombies in 3D.

Publisher Majesco is teaming up with developer 1st Playable Productions to create the quirky title, which allows players to take care of their own undead human pet.

Proud zombie owners will be tasked with finding an appropriate home for their brain-eating companion, such as a graveyard or abandoned military base, before entertaining them with ghoulish activities.

Each of the game's stereoscopic 3D environments will offer a range of customisation options, while the zombies themselves can also be tweaked to various levels of decay and deformation.

Pet Zombies in 3D will also take advantage of the 3DS console's motion-sensing features for a number of minigame challenges, including rolling a zombie's head through a maze.

The 3DS is fast shaping up as the place to be for handheld zombie fans, as Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D is also coming to the console this year.

Published: 19/01/2011

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