Venom Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery Twin Pack (Xbox 360) Accessories

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    • 2 x Rechargeable Battery Packs
    • 1 x 2 Meter USB Charge Cable with 1 Meter Split
    • 2.5 Hours Charge Time
    • 18 Hours Gameplay, Play & Charge Simultaneously
    • Will Also charge in Standby Mode
    • Multi-Laguage Packaging including English, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Spanish
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    • £14.99
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      Sold and Fulfilled by GAME.co.uk
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New £14.99
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Venom Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery Twin Pack (Xbox 360) Product Details
Recharge two of your Xbox 360 wireless controllers while you play with the supplied 2 meter USB Charge cable, the cable also features a 1 mtr split allowing you and a friend enough room to play. Each battery pack providing up to 18 hours of gameplay on a full charge. Will also charge on standby mode.

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