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Ultra Street Fighter IV Strategy Guide Accessories

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    • Learn everything you need to know about all 44 characters in Ultra Street Fighter IV.
    • Work out where best to land your hit with detailed information on every hitbox for each and every attack.
    • Tips to improve your game, straight from veteran tournament players.
    • Includes the best strategy and tactics for each and every character.
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Ultra Street Fighter IV Strategy Guide Product Details

The Ultra Street Fighter IV Strategy Guide includes:
  • Full frame data for all 44 characters! The collected frame data gives the speed and timing of each move, which allows players to create a consistent game plan for any given character. Gain an edge in all character match-ups!
  • For the first time ever, complete hitboxes for every character! Hitboxes show the area of effect for each and every attack.
  • Jam-packed with techniques and tips from veteran tournament players.
  • Complete character-specific strategies and tactics for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players.
  • Damaging and reliable combos for the full cast of characters.

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