Top Trumps - Deadliest Predators

Top Trumps - Deadliest Predators Traditional Games
Top Trumps - Deadliest Predators

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Grrr! Raaaagh! Hisssss! Screech! Growl! And... what noise does a Great White Shark make? We never got close enough to find out.

Fresh from the jungle; the desert; the mountains and the deep blue seas; Top Trumps brings you DEADLIEST PREDATORS. And we?re not joking; these guys are dangerous.

We?ve swum with orcas; legged it from komodo dragons; wrestled with crocs and tickled the bellies of polar bears. And all to find out whether a praying mantis weighs more than a tarantula; whether a leopard can outrun a cheetah; and whether anything has a higher Killer Rating than a King Cobra.

So what are you waiting for? Order now and by the time it drops through your letterbox; hopefully we?ll have found out what noise a shark makes when you prod it in the stomach. Now; where?s that boat...

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