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The Elder Scrolls Online 60 Days Pre-Paid Time Card Accessories

    • Accessories Accessories Your selected format is Accessories
    • Purchase game time so you can play Elder Scrolls Online.
    • This time card will give you 60 days of gameplay on The Elder Scrolls Online as an alternative to paying directly into your Elder Scrolls Online account.
    • Great as a gift for friends or family who'll be visiting the land of Tamriel
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  • Suitable for people aged 16 and over.
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The Elder Scrolls Online 60 Days Pre-Paid Time Card Product Details

What is a game time card?
Elder Scrolls Online is Subscription based MMO. That means you need to pay for the game time on monthly basis. If your subscription period comes to an end you can continue playing by purchasing extra months of game time. There are different ways to do it. You can pay directly from your credit card in your ESO account or you can buy a Time Card that gives you a definite period of free gameplay upon activation.

How the card works?

Time Card has a secret code that must be entered in a special field at your personal profile at the official website of the game. Once it is entered player receives extra game time.