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The Batman Files Strategy Guides and Books

    • Strategy Guides and Books Strategy Guides and Books Your selected format is Strategy Guides and Books
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  • The Batman Files is perfect for any Batman Fan as it delivers a unique look into the Batman, his enemies, gadgets and his secret life
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The Batman Files Product Details
The Batman Files is Bruce Wayne's secret journal, containing all the intricate information needed to carry on his mission, just in case.

Key Features
  • The book only Bruce Wayne could write: From childhood drawings and family photos to exercise regimens and weapon schematics; this book shares the private details that could only come from Batman himself.
  • Shrouded in mystery, Batman's secret journal: Batman prepared this journal to pass along to his heir; it was then discover by Matt Manning, who made it public.
  • Knockout package - sleek, dark and enigmatic: The package offers top quality authenticity for hardcore fans. The Batman etching will come off with the wrapper and the book will have an all-black cover with rubber effect, just like Batman's cape!
  • Straight from DC comics: Created in conjunction with DC comics, with the logo on the spine and written by a leading Batman historian and veteran comic book author, so accuracy and credibility are guaranteed.
  • Elaborate details: Never before seen information about Batman's secret life, from his childhood to the present, makes this a must have for any Batman fan and a collector's dream.

Batman is a cultural, super-hero icon. First introduced in 1939, the alter ego of Bruce Wayne has been known through countless DC comics, a TV series, and mega hit movies. The Batman Files is Bruce Wayne's secret book that consists of journal entries from Batman's war on crime, in-depth villain dossiers and other bat-computer files, faux news articles describing major events in Batman's life, and hundreds of illustrations taken from the comics. The book will also include blueprints and schematics of Batman's costumes, vehicles, weapons, the Batcave and a variety of sketches made to look like they were penned by the Capped Crusader himself, including a child's drawing of the horrible bat Bruce saw down in the cave.

The Author
Matthew K. Manning's work includes scripts for DC's the Batman Strikes!, Justice League Adventures and Looney Tunes. He has worked for Marvel on Spider-Man Unlimited and Marvel Romance Redux. He also writes about comics, in Iron Man: The Ultimate Guide to the Armoured Super Hero, Wolverine: Inside the World of the Living Weapon, The Batman Vault, Marvel Chronicle, The Amazing Spider-Man: The Ultimate Guide, Hulk: The Incredible Guide, Marvel Heroes: Greatest Battles, and the upcoming DC Chronicle.

  • Dimensions: 332x254mm
  • Total Pages: 308pp