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Super Mario Bros. Nintendo 3DS

    • Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS Your selected format is Nintendo 3DS
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  • Take Mario, or Luigi, through 8 exciting worlds of platforming action in your quest to beat Bowser in Super Mario Bros. for 3DS
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  • Suitable for people aged 3 and over.
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Super Mario Bros. Product Details

Take Mario, or brother Luigi, through 8 exciting worlds of platforming action in your quest to beat Bowser, collect the coins, collect the power-ups and save the Princess. Featuring all the elements fans have come to expect in a Mario game such as warp pipes, fireball throwing evil plants, and bouncing green shells, Mario must explore various environments including the sea bed, complete with evil squid, and the now iconic pastel green lands.

Please Note: Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is 3350 Blocks (419 MB). Check that you have enough space on your SD Card to download and install this title, if you need more storage space click here for our range of fully compatible SD Cards.