Street Fighter X Tekken

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Street Fighter X Tekken for the Microsoft Xbox 360 brings together Tekken and Street Fighter for the Ultimate Beat'em Up

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Release Date: 09-Mar-2012

Street Fighter and Tekken represent the biggest brands in the Beat'em-up genre, and the two goliaths have teamed up to create the blockbuster-title Street Fighter X Tekken.

Street Fighter X Tekken for the Xbox 360

  • Ledgendary characters from the Beat'em-up universe such as Ryu and Kazuya Mishima,  meet in Street Fighter X Tekken for a brawl that has been decades in the making.
  • Vintange Street Fighter 2D gameplay, with various tweaks to help Tekken fans cross-over and get straight into the action.

Street Fighter style!
Set in Street Fighter's popular 2D gaming style, gamers can expect to see Street Fighter stapleStreet Fighter X Tekken Characters - Ryu Microsoft Xbox 360fighters includingRyu, Ken and Chun-Li and has them squaring up against the ledgends from the Tekken Zaibatsu's Iron Fist Tornaments such as Jin, Kazuya and Yoshimitsu and more!

Street Fighter X Tekken - what's new?
Street Fighter X Tekken on the Xbox 360 offers a 2 vs 2 battle system, with the winner being the first to knock out an opponent. For Tekken players 2 vs 2 tag battles aren't too much of a stretch thanks to Tekken Tag Tournament however Street Fighter X Tekken has a bucket load of new Street Fighter features to get to grips with, as well as new additions for both sets of fans to sink their teeth into.

Street Fighter X Tekken Characters - Kazuya Machima Microsoft Xbox 360Tagging, combos and Super Gauge's
Build your combo's together by ‘tagging' in and out with your characters and fill up your Super Gauge to execute some spectacular tag-team moves and finishers, or take advantage of the new Gems that activate in certain situations for a range of effects, from increasing your damage or speed to allowing your Super Gauge to fill up faster, letting you build a partnership that's perfect for your play style.

With the addition of new gameplay mechanics, 2 vs 2 tag-team battles and over 35 of beat'em ups biggest stars, Street Fighter X Tekken for the Xbox 360, is a game you can't afford to miss, for Street Fighter and Tekken players alike

Other Features of Street Fighter X Tekken on Xbox 360 include:

  • Dream Match Up Dozens of playable characters including Rolento, Zangief, Cammy, Sagat, Hugo, Ibuki, Poison, Dhalsim, Ryu, Ken, Guile, Abel, and Chun-Li from Street Fighter as well as Heihachi, Lili, Julia, Hwoarang, Raven, Kuma, Yoshimitsu, Steve, Kazuya, Nina, King, Marduk, and Bob from Tekken.
  • Real-time Tag Battle Fight as a team of two and switch between characters strategically.
  • Gem System An all-new customizable power-up system that creates an exciting way for all consumers to experience the Street Fighter and Tekken fighting systems. Choose from dozens of Gems that modify characters abilities and stats. Play your way!
  • Briefing Room Get your combos and timing just right with help from your friends in this online training mode.
  • Scramble Mode Four separate players, online or offl ine, control each of the four characters on screen for the ultimate battle royale.
  • Pandora Mode Sacrifi ce yourself in battle to give your partner a short, but powerful, boost in strength.
  • Familiar Controls In Street Fighter X Tekken, controls will feel familiar for fans of both series.
  • Juggle System Toss your foes into Tekken-style juggles with Street Fighter X Tekken universal air launching system.
  • Cross Assault By using the Cross Gauge, a player can activate Cross Assault and attack with both of their characters at the same time.
  • Super Art Using the Cross Gauge you can immediately unleash a Super Art. Ryu famed Shinku Hadoken, Kazuya Devil Beam as well as the Tekken characters all have original Super Art techniques.
  • Robust Online Modes In addition to the online features from Super Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter X Tekken features totally upgraded online functionality, new smoother netcode and some surprises.
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