Star Wars Rebels Ezra 20 inch Big Figure

Star Wars Rebels Ezra 20 inch Big Figure Figurines and Sets
Star Wars Rebels Ezra 20 inch Big Figure

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Get to know all the characters of the all new Star Wars Rebels with this fantastic 20 Action Figure of Ezra. Ezra Bridger is a fourteen-year-old Human who lives on the planet Lothal, working as a con artist and thief who frequently targeted the Galactic Empire. Street-smart and loyal only to himself, Bridger is unknowingly Force-sensitive, and is unaware that he has used the Force to help himself out of tough situations before. Around 5 BBY, Bridger encounters the crew of the Ghost and ends up joining them, piloting the attack shuttle Phantom and learning from Kanan Jarrus. Bridger also beomes friends with Zeb Orrelios Show more Show less

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