Skylanders Trap Team Collector's Edition Strategy Guide

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  • Arm yourself well for the battle against evil with the Skylanders Trap Team Collector's Edition Strategy Guide!
  • Uncover hidden areas of the Skylanders world and the secrets they hold.
  • Learn how to solve every puzzle and take down every foe quickly and efficiently.
  • Never get lost with the detailed map, which holds the location of every Soul Gem and all other collectibles.
  • Display your guide proudly with its beautifully printed premium hardcover guide.

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Release Date: 10/10/2014
The Skylanders Trap Team Collector's Edition Strategy Guide includes:
  • Over 20 Exclusive, Full-Color Wall Clings of new Trap Masters, Skylanders, and more. Available only in this collector’s edition guide!
  • Beautifully printed premium hardcover guide.
  • Uncover hidden areas, solve every puzzle, and defeat the foes found throughout this new adventure in Skylands.
  • Complete story walkthrough, plus learn how to use Traptanium to capture each and every escaped villain in Skylands.
  • Open every elemental gate to gather collectibles found throughout your journey.
  • Complete walkthrough of every side quest.
  • Stats, attacks, and upgrades for all characters, including the 16 all new Trap Master Skylanders, 18 new characters, villains, and more.
  • Detailed maps of every level with locations of Soul Gems and all other collectibles.
  • Earn all the accolades to become the Ultimate Portal Master.
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Suitable for people aged 3 and over.


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