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Secret of the Fairy Queen PC Games

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Secret of the Fairy Queen Product Details

Join the Enchanted Fairy Friends in a world where legends are true and magic is real.

Welcome to the Enchanted Fairy Circle! The mysterious Fairy Queen has made an appearance and promises to reveal a wonderful secret on one condition - you must guess her name. Grab your fairy dust and get ready for a woodland quest!

• Visit the Rose Fairy as she can offer hints using her magical fairy dust - she has a limited supply so spend it wisely.
• Search for the 8 other fairies from the Rose Queen’s court – each fairy holds a piece of the secret.
• Piece together 16 enchanting puzzles of the Enchanted Fairy Friends.
• Go on a hidden object adventure and complete 12 levels to receive your next clue.
• Ponder 8 perplexing picture puzzles and 8 mind boggling brain-teasers to unlock the way to the greatest fairy secret of all.
• Travel across a magic land to find hidden objects, spot the differences, piece together a puzzle and more to reveal the Fairy Queen’s secret.
• Use a hint from the Fairy Queen while searching for the hidden objects – be careful each hint will cost you fairy dust.
• Solve a puzzle given by the Fairy Queen to reveal a clue to the location of one of your fellow fairies.