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Schoolhouse Shuffle PC Games

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Schoolhouse Shuffle Product Details

After getting her Super Master’s degree (created in her honor), Victoria Bright set out to build her dream – a school for the talented and gifted. Now established, aid Principal Brighton in her quest to cultivate and educate her budding geniuses. Sheppard students through their days at Brainiac Elementary, attending to their constantly changing needs and maximizing their learning potential. Grow your school, staff, and it’s offerings as your Jr. Einstein’s mature. From potty breaks to hallway monitoring to good old school lunch, click with your classes and keep those clever kiddos achieving!

• 40 expansive levels covering 5 full school years
• Unlimited sandbox mode beyond level 40 to continue to grow your school and students
• Facility and staff expansions available as learning goals are met.
• Manage up to 6 classes at once