PlayStation 3 320GB Silver Slim

PlayStation 3 320GB Silver Slim PlayStation 3
So what's different about the PS3 320GB Silver Slim? For starters it's much lighter, cooler and quieter than before - and it stores a whole lot more!

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Release Date: 08-Nov-2011
PlayStation 3 320GB Silver Slim

So what's different about it?  For starters it's much lighter, cooler and quieter than before - and it stores a whole lot more!
The new Playstation 3 Silver Slim weighs in approximately two-thirds the size of the first PS3, but packs a hard drive of twice the original's size - now a comfortably large 320GB.

And thanks to its completely revamped internal architecture (with Cell Broadband Engine processor) the PS3 320GB Slim runs cooler and quieter than its PS3 predecessors. Just what you need to enhance those terrifying late night zombie romps!

PS3 Slim in Silver- it's so much more than 'just' a gaming machine...  

Blu-Ray movies at full Hi-Definition:
The Silver PS3 Slim sports a fully featured Blu-Ray disc player so that movies and games can be enjoyed at full Hi-Def resolution via the on-board HDMI port.

More interactivity:
The new PlayStation Operating System (V 3.0), included in the package, gives you even more interactive and user-friendly features, making the console much more than 'just' a gaming machine.
Content and services will be available, too, through the ever-growing PlayStation Network. With the Silver PS3 Slims spacious 320GB, you'll have plenty of room to download your choice of game titles, trailers, demos, movies and TV shows from over 30,000 currently available.

And it looks good, too:
With its irresistibly sleek and curvy case, the Silver PS3 Slim is a good-looking creature indeed. It is designed to be placed in a horizontal position, but a stand (available separately) enables the PS3 to be mounted vertically to suit you or your gaming space better.

Better for you and the environment:
The Silver PS3 Slim is a powerful new design that uses less power in the process! In this mean machine, power consumption is reduced by a third, making it kinder on your electricity bill and on the environment. And you'll notice the added benefit of reduced fan noise.

Silver PS3 Slim 320GB Slim features include:  
  • The lightest and smallest PS3 ever - fits neatly onto any shelf or TV unit.  
  • Packs a huge 320GB hard drive - letting you store even more downloaded content, demos, games, movies and more!  
  • Fully featured Blu-Ray player built in - so you can enjoy cutting-edge HD entertainment when you aren't gaming!  
  • Cooler and quieter than before - So no distractions from enjoying your gaming.  
  • Consumes less power - Less spent on electricity means more to spend on great new games!  
  • New V3.0 Operating System - makes using the Silver PS3 Slim a cinch!  
  • Choose to place in a horizontal or vertical position (via a stand available separately) - fit your Silver PS3 Slim into your living room setup wherever you want.  
  • Special Sync - features for Sony Bravia TVs  
  • System software updated via the XrossMediaBar - no complex installs, just browse, click and get the latest updates!  
  • Wireless Bluetooth Controller - sit anywhere in the room for maximum comfort and control!

Silver PS3 Slim 320GB console comes with:
  • The new PlayStation Operating System (V 3.0)  
  • 2 Wireless Dualshock 3 Controllers  
  • 1 AC power cord   
  • 1 AV cable  
  • 1 USB cable
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