Pieces of History Stone Age 500pcs Puzzle

Pieces of History Stone Age 500pcs Puzzle Traditional Games
Pieces of History Stone Age 500pcs Puzzle

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'Stone Age' is the title of this 500 piece Pieces of History jigsaw puzzle that depicts a comical scene from the Stone Age. If you look carefully at the puzzle image you will get a better taste for this brilliant puzzle image - you will notice that within the main puzzle image are plenty of hilarious illustrations that will keep you laughing as you piece this puzzle together. For instance, can you see the hungry grizzly bear licking his lips at the thought of this next 'meal' outside his cave? Or perhaps the cavemen that are trying to bring the woolly mammoth to a halt, but instead are being dragged by tusk and hair though the village? If this little taster of what is included in the puzzle image is to your liking, then this 500 piece puzzle is sure to keep you entertained and to introduce you to the Pieces of History puzzle range by Jumbo. Rob Derks has a distinctive, easily recognisable, style - humorous images, hilarious situations and far more people than you would ever expect to see in a jigsaw puzzle! The completed puzzle measures 49x35cm (approximately) and has been produced using a high quality cardboard to ensure all the jigsaw pieces maintain their original shape time and time again. With the use of Jumbo's precision cutting techniques, each jigsaw piece will fit seamlessly together to create a poster-like finish for you. Show more Show less

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