Fly around and have fun with this MiniDrone and its

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Fly around and have fun with this MiniDrone and its attachments

  • 550mAh battery for up to nine minutes of flying and a 30 minutes recharging time
  • Up to 20m transmission range with your smartphone or tablet
  • Stabilisation and flight controls software
  • 0.3-megapixel camera lets you capture imagesSpecial features
  • On-board 1GB memory
  • Shoot down targets with the cannon accessory or grab items with the grabber

What?s different about the Mambo?
This fun drone can be flown indoors and outdoors and can be controlled easily from your phone or Flypad controller (not included - Order Code A68WC). The Mambo comes with two attachments, the cannon and the grabber, which slot onto the drone quickly and easily and allow for hours of fun. The drone also includes bumpers for all its propellers and has a unique ?free fall? take off system. Do amazing tricks with your Mambo and capture images of the world around you with its built-in camera and integrated memory.

What can I do with the accessories?
Take advantage of the stability of this quadcopter by using the cannon accessory for target practice. The cannon comes with a 6 ball magazine and is capable of up to one shot every 1.5 seconds. The mechanical firing mechanism allows you to shoot the soft impact 6mm balls straight up to 2m.

The grabber can carry items up to 4g wherever you want to send them. With a timer system to open and close the grabber you can set it to be open or closed as it moves. The grabber is in the best position to pick up objects just under and in front of the drone. In the event of a crash the grabber opens automatically. See what you can do, whether you?re giving a friend a card or adding sugar to your drink.

How can I control my drone?
Control your MiniDrone from your phone over Bluetooth or connect to the Flypad controller (not included) for a boosted 60m range, thumbsticks and shortcut buttons. The FreeFlight Mini app gives you control of your Mambo and accessories when they are plug into the drone. The drone can travel up to 5mph and comes with a battery that lets you fly for up to nine minutes without bumpers or attachments or eight minutes with them.

What can the camera do?
Get VGA (640 x 480 pixel) resolution images with the 0.3MP vertical camera. Store up to 1GB of images on the internal storage on the drone. See what you capture from the skies using the USB lead to transfer the JPEG images to your computer or compatible device.

Safe flying is your responsibility
We fully encourage safe and responsible flying. We recommend you read the CAA?s/IAA?s website for full information on safe and responsible flying.
The CAA (UK)


  • Manufacturer Parrot
  • Flight Time 9 min
  • Max Speed 5 mph
  • Frequency / Modulation Type Bluetooth
  • Battery Type LiPo
  • Battery Capacity 550 mAh
  • Indoor / Outdoor Both
  • Camera Resolution 0.3 MP
  • Max Capacity 1 GB
  • Supported File Formats JPEG
  • Width 180 mm
  • Depth 180 mm
  • Weight 63 g
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