Combine all you skill, cunning and teamwork to overcome your opponents in the free to play game, Panzar, and enjoy the spoils of war

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Take on the free-to-play, fantasy MMO game Panzar. Focusing on team based matches and drawing heavily on player vs. player game play Panzar challenges you to rise to the top of the pile by wiping out your opponents.

Combining the award winning CryEngine 3 graphics engine with an extremely fluid game play style, Panzar offers stunningly detailed battles in lush landscapes that crank the concept of high fantasy conflict to the next level of epicness. At the same time the core game play remains easy to learn for beginners while combining a complex character advancement system for the experts.

Teams of ten players are pitted against each other in any one of the four games modes: Domination, King of the Hill, Siege or Blitz. Enjoy the spoils of war, and crush your opponents using all you cunning, strength and teamwork.

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Suitable for people aged 12 and over.



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