Mega Blocks Battle Strikers Metal XS Tournament Set

Mega Blocks Battle Strikers Metal XS Tournament Set Blocks and Bricks
Mega Blocks Battle Strikers Metal XS Tournament Set

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Experience the intensity of clashing metal battles in the official Battle Strikers Metal XS Tournament Set. Experience the high-speed action and sound of metal-on-metal clashing at over 6000 revolutions per minute. The Metal XS Tournament set brings the next level of battling technology and control into your hands with full metal weapons, new motorized launchers and powerful magnetic controllers to be used in the official Battle Strikers Knockout Arena. The Battle Strikers Metal XS Tournament Set includes 2 Turbo Boost Launchers, 2 DLX Magnetic Controllers, 2 Metal XS Strikers, and the brand new Knockout Arena. The new Turbo Boost Launcher features a more ergonomic grip and hand-guard with faceplate for high-impact launches! The DLX Controller features a full-hand grip and magnetic fingertip that can be adjusted to left or right hands of any length. Power up your Turbo Boost Launchers, load them up with Viking TS and Shredder GT Metal XS Strikers, and launch them into the Knockout Arena for fast and furious metallic battles! (3 AA batteries required per launcher). Overwhelm your opponent by summoning the fierce StrikerSoul of Viking TS! Its powerful armored helm can be used for intense metal horn attacks to shred through your opponent's defences. The Control Booster and Super Balance Tip aid in keeping command of this powerful warrior. Shredder GT contains a StrikerSoul that was engineered by humans to be the ultimate Striker! Its perfectly balanced saw-blade Weapon slowly cuts spin away from the opponent. The Balance Booster enhances its balance even further, and the Stamina Tip allows it to slowly shave away the opponent until they grind to a halt. All Battle Strikers Metal XS are fully customizable. Take Weapons, Boosters and Tips from any Metal XS or Series 2 Strikers and customize them to increase performance and power! Pick the right strategy and parts to match your play style to increase your chances to win. The more Strikers you have, the more powerful you become. Check out for exclusive contests, free online game, information, features, and the world's largest battling top community. Ready, set, STRIKE! The Metal XS Tournament Set and all Battle Strikers Metal XS are fun toys for kids 8 years old and up. Show more Show less

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