Lego Marvel Super Heroes (3DS) eGuide

Lego Marvel Super Heroes (3DS) eGuide Strategy Guides and Books
Power up and beat the villians with ease with the Lego Marvel Super Heroes E-Guide that can be downloaded to your Tablet. Meaning you can keep this guide handy form when you get stuck.

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Release Date: TBD
Mobile friendly eGuide – Digital strategy content optimized for a second screen experience.

Easy to use – The navigation is intuitive using search, quick links, clickable screenshots to find whatever you're looking for and the most important details.

It's All Here – 3DS walkthrough and overviews for story mode, hubs, and free play to get you to 100% COMPLETION!

Detailed Area Maps – Every secret revealed for the 3DS game!

Collectibles – Learn how to find every character, vehicle, mini kit, brick, and more. Show more Show less

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Suitable for people aged TBD and over.



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