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KingsRoad Free 2 Play

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  • Join your friends for real-time co-op action in KingsRoad, the first fully immersive. free-2-play role-playing game on browsers.
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  • Suitable for people aged 12 and over.
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KingsRoad Product Details
Join your friends for real-time co-op action in KingsRoad, the first fully immersive role-playing game on browsers. As you journey through Alderstone, you'll unlock powerful new abilities and acquire new weapons to assist in reclaiming the land and help defeat unimaginable evils. Sound a call to arms, unsheathe your sword, and open your browser for an epic adventure like no other!

KingsRoad is a flash11 browser ARPG in 2.5D ISO view using the latest version of Adobe’s Flash 11 Stage3D technology. The mechanic for leveling, questing, exploration and grinding is fighting monsters in PvE mode.

The world is split into levels, each playable in a short time in 3 difficulties. The player can choose between 3 basic archetypes as character.  A co-op mode offers synchronous play with friends.

Key Features
  • Epic loot – Rewarding the player in a casual way in a core game.
  • Easy access on browser – play whenever and wherever you want
  • Full cross-platform – play on PC and Mobile.
  • High quality – on all levels (art, sound, playability).
  • Co-op
  • Flash11 – with stunning 3D character.
  • An action-RPG that fits your schedule – giving you an epic experience every time you open your browser!
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