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Kaan PC

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  • Tothum Siptet, the sorcerer with evil powers, has stolen the orb of Hope.
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  • Suitable for people aged 12 and over.
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    Beat 'em up
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Kaan Product Details

Tothum Siptet, the sorcerer with evil powers, has stolen the orb of Hope. The young barbarian warrior Kaan volunteers to recover it and is then caught up in an arduous hunt, confronting skeletons, sorcerors, bear-men and huge monsters in the breathtaking quest to recover the Orb.

  • Venture Forth From Your Home: From asaquan to the sykonian lands, you must leap, dodge, charge and master several different weapons, such as the long sword, hammer, and jet axe.
  • Master Your Blade: Learn many different combinations and special attacks.
  • Explosive 3D Action: Non stop action and remarkable special effects throughout the adventure, with attaks involving up to 8 enemies at the same time.
  • Extend The Adventure: Fight in arena mode against dozens of enemies and take on an additional bonus quest. Tribe bonuses are scatered throughout 17 levels of the game.