Jan van Haasteren The Office 1000pcs

Jan van Haasteren The Office 1000pcs
Jan van Haasteren The Office 1000pcs

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The Office is a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle created by the popular artist Jan van Haasteren, whose extremely funny and distinctive sense of humour is apparent in every detail of this puzzle. The Office is a jigsaw puzzle that will have you laughing for hours as you enjoy piecing every hilarious illustration because JvH has managed to create an absolutely brilliant interpretation of how crazy office life can seem at times. Illustrations include a group of employees huddled around the kitchen space frying up all sorts of lovely foods which as we all know only teases those sat at their desks working. A group of men are behaving like children in a playground by fooling around with the portable filling units and having races down the aisles on them. One employee has even managed to convert his desk space into his own living room with a comfy arm chair, lamp and his dog has somehow managed to find itself a space to lay down in its bed. JvHs unusual but very distinctive sense of humour is what makes this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle both a brilliant piece of art and a puzzling must-have. You will laugh at the many different scenarios that are going on and think back to what your office is/was like and realise he's not far off the truth. The finished puzzle measures 68 x 49 cm and is produced on high quality cardboard to make sure your past time is well spent. Jan van Haasteren has been creating amusing drawings exclusively for Jumbo for decades. His drawings have a distinctly recognisable style - humorous images, hilarious situations and far more people than you would expect to ever see in a puzzle! The pictures produced by Jan van Haasteren are extremely popular worldwide and he has created more than 80 puzzles to date. Show more Show less

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