iPhone 5 32GB Grey (C Grade) - Unlocked

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iPhone 5 32GB Grey (C Grade) - Unlocked Sku Format Code
This is a Grade C Phone. Look below for details on our grading system.

The iPhone 5 is crammed full of powerful features, such as the 8-Megapixel camera and A6 chip. Despite being full to the brim with new features the iPhone 5 manages to maintain its sleek and lightweight design which makes it one of the best looking phones around. Take the step into the next age of smartphones with the iPhone 5.

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See Clearly
With the high pixel density of the Retina Display, only for iPhone, your eye can't distinguish individual pixels, making for an unrivalled visual experience. Words are crisp, images vibrant and distinguished. The Retina Display changes the way you see phones and once you've experienced it you'll never want to go back.

Stay Connected
Wherever you are, you want to be connected and the iPhone 5 is here to do just that. Connecting to a range of networks, including HSPA, HSPA+ and DC-HSPA, the iPhone 5 keeps you on the grid. Combining this with a powerful dual-band 802.11n which accelerates your wi-fi experience, you'll be surfing the web, and streaming top quality content no matter what the situation.

Smile for the Camera
Packing the iSight camera, the iPhone 5 delivers high-quality photos so you can mark every special moment. The iPhone utilises hardware and software to make behind the scenes colour adjustments and the advanced optics ensures top quality photo data. This all adds to the iPhone 5 being a powerful and portable camera, and with it's quality it may be the only one you ever need.

Don't Run Out
Despite its thin and light design the iPhone 5 packs a very powerful battery. The long life battery of the iPhone 5 means that you can comfortably make it through the day without having to worry about your phone running out of juice.

Powerful on the Inside
The iPhone 5 has turned everything up a notch. Powered by the A6 chip, the iPhone 5 is able to deliver faster, more realistic graphics to ensure gameplay is amazingly realistic. Thanks to the improved chip everything you do on the iPhone 5 is faster, smoother and easier. To top it all off, working with iOS 6 the A6 chip is extremely power efficient.

Make it Your Own
The combined size of iTunes and the App Store means that you can really customise your iPhone 5 to suit your needs. With millions of ways to keep yourself entertained you'll never want to put the iPhone 5 down. The App Store boasts a massive 800,000, and counting, number of apps to choose from and iTunes is the world's largest entertainment store. When you put those to together it becomes clear that fun is just around the corner with the iPhone 5.

Say Hello to Siri
Siri is here to make your life much, much simpler. Siri is here to help you with anything you can think of, from sending a message to your friends to finding out the capital of Zimbabwe. Just talk to your phone as you would any friend and Siri will respond in kind, your wish is its command.

The iCloud is here! The future of digital storage means that you can share all your music, pictures, apps and anything else you can think of across all your devices. Want to move your favourite album from your Mac to your iPhone? Maybe you've taken the perfect picture on your iPhone and want it readily available on your Mac? The iCloud has you covered.

Technical Specifications
Standby time: Up to 225 hours
Screen Size: 4 inches
Internal Phone Memory: 32GB
Camera: 8-Megapixels
Processor: A6 Chip
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