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In House Review Policy

We pride ourselves on fair and informative reviews of our games.

We know that, as a retailer, you might expect GAME to be all about the hard sell. And we completely understand if you don't instantly trust a big retail brand to offer unbiased, specialist buying advice.

But here's the thing; we're gamers too. In fact, we get to see and play new games before almost anyone else. And we know that everyone has their own tastes. The members of our Online Team like all kinds of different games, and we know you will too. So our commitment with GAME Content - be it previews, reviews, features or hubs - is not to push a product on you that you don't want. Quite the opposite, in fact: it's to recommend the right product for you.

So, if a game has faults, we'll tell you. If there's similar titles on the market, we'll say what they are, and how they compare. And if we think a game is an absolute must-play, we'll happily wax lyrical. Either way, it's most important to us that you make an informed buying decision. We're here to help you have as much fun as possible, just like our helpful staff in-store. That's what gaming is all about, after all.

We hope you'll find our content to be an honest, informative and enjoyable read - and if you've any feedback or questions, feel free to contact us by clicking the email link below each piece.

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