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Your GAME Profile

What is a GAME Profile?
If you're on Facebook, then your GAME Profile Page will look instantly familiar; it's essentially a profile page that houses all of the info for your persona on our site.

What will that offer me?
At the root of our Profile pages is the idea of community - connecting you with other passionate gamers who shop at GAME. On top of that, it also connects you with our passionate store and online staff, collates all of their gaming blogs together, and allows you to see a whole bunch of other cool gaming content.

Let's take a look at everything that GAME Profile Pages offer…

  • User Profile - your pic, the games you've played, your blog posts and more can all be found here!
  • Recent Activity Feed - shows how active you've been and the things you're interested in.
  • Blogs - Have your say on all things gaming with your own personal blog, viewable to everyone else with a GAME Persona!
  • Photo Galleries - Upload pics to bring personality and life into your GAME Persona page!
  • Friends & Following - Connect you to other GAME Persona peeps and provides an easy way for you to share content.
  • Messages - Includes Public "wall" type messages as well as private messages, so you can talk to the gamers
  • Advanced Privacy Settings - Three primary privacy settings: public, private, and friends-only; so you can choose who you communicate and share info with.
  • Recommendations - so you can like posts and activities by other members and strive to become a valuable member of the GAME community!
  • Subscriptions & Notifications - RSS feeds and email notifications keep you posted on hot topics, low prices and much more- plus you can connect your GAME Persona to your Twitter and Facebook accounts too!

Earn badges - the more you interact with the rest of our community, the more badges you'll earn and the more proud you can be - there will even be a chance to earn Extra Points for the GAME Reward Program

Earn recognition - Contribute to the community and earn recognition as one of our top members!

Stay safe - with filters in place for swearing, a way to report anyone who wants to spoil the experience, and a team of dedicated gamers moderating the pages, you can rest assured that your GAME community will be a safe and fun one to discuss and enjoy all things gaming!

How do I get involved?
Sign up for a GAME Account, or login if you have one already, and select the "My Profile" tab in the Account area.